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Melissa Mann: Remote Conference Interpreting

Episode Summary

This episode features Melissa Mann, a Spanish-Portuguese-English conference interpreter, voiceover artist, and certified translator based in São Paulo, Brazil. Melissa spoke about building a home studio for remote interpreting work, when remote interpreting works well, and the conference interpreting market in Brazil.

Episode Notes

Melissa Mann is a certified translator, conference interpreter, voiceover artist, and language-services consultant who specializes in crafting messages across languages. She is a graduate of Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, a globetrotter who has lived and worked in the US, Mexico, and Brazil, a member of AIIC, APIC, and SINTRA, and certified by ATA and ABRATES. When not running or woodworking, she shares her insights on Big Booth Words, Take It From a Translator, and Goodreads. Her website is

Date of interview: April 10, 2020 
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